1. Know the pain will end.

Ironically enough, my husband said something to me during my bargaining phase with him that set the stage for an expedited healing process. He said, “We are not always going to feel this way.” In other words, I was not always going to feel hurt, nor was he. Eventually, my suffering would end.

At the time, most of me didn’t believe what he was saying, but there was a part of me that knew he was right. Without any effort on my part, his wise words played through my head at times when I really needed to hear them.


1. Get him something small to leverage reciprocation.

The reciprocation principle is very effective. If you spend a little money or effort on them, it will pay dividends in return.

It’s a proven fact that men subconsciously dislike receiving gifts from women. By accepting a gift from a woman, a man will feel less “manly” and his alpha-male instincts will leap into action to reciprocate the gift. Leverage the alpha male phenomenon, and buy him something you know he’ll like. For example, treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant. …

I have been a victim of information overload and have been finding resources to curb the situation.

I stumbled upon few systems and strategies but they were really rigid to continue following it. You too may have experienced the same. You try to follow some strategy and then life comes in, with its own agenda, and you find yourself back to your old habits.

For example…Some sort of weight loss program. …

What does it mean to be creative?

Ask fifteen different people, and you’ll probably get fifteen different answers.

For some people, it’s being able to make something physical they can hold in their hands. For others, it’s conceptualizing a new way to do something or use something in their environment.

You can be creative with your materials, or your resources, or your time.

The term “creativity” can encompass so many different activities and mediums that trying to define it can feel like trying to catch smoke.

I am a very creative person. I always have been… To me, being creative…

Break ups happen when two people who were in a romantic relationship decide to call the relationship off. It may be a mutual decision or solely decided by the person leaving his/her partner.

Signs to Break up

It happens both to long-term relationships and (summer flings) short-lived ones.

Before the break-up happens, there are red flags to watch out for. These are the things that signal when a relationship is falling apart:

Increase in frequency of arguments.

The #1 sign you know you’re headed to split-vile is when you constantly fight about almost anything.

The smallest things seem to annoy the other party. You pick on your partner’s habit…

Who’s to Blame and How to Fix Him

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you know all too well the difficulties that you already face. Communication is difficult and strained. You are criticized a lot for no reason. Your self-esteem may be suffering because your mate isn’t able to meet all of your needs in the relationship consistently.

With an epidemic of 1 in 4 people having narcissism, odds are pretty good that if you went to find another partner, they would have narcissistic traits, too.

So, you work towards the relationship with the narcissist, ever growing…

Anna Nicholson

A passionate reader and writer.

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