14 Ways to Make Him Buy You Anything You Want

Anna Nicholson
7 min readJan 16, 2020

1. Get him something small to leverage reciprocation.

The reciprocation principle is very effective. If you spend a little money or effort on them, it will pay dividends in return.

It’s a proven fact that men subconsciously dislike receiving gifts from women. By accepting a gift from a woman, a man will feel less “manly” and his alpha-male instincts will leap into action to reciprocate the gift. Leverage the alpha male phenomenon, and buy him something you know he’ll like. For example, treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant. He’ll feel compelled to respond to your little treat to maintain his position of male “dominance.”

The trick works wonders. If you want a cheaper way to illicit reciprocation is to make him something special. It can be anything from a picture in a frame to a painting. Any physical gift will illicit the same response: you’ll get a bigger gift than you gave. If you are trying to hit a home run with the reciprocation technique, nab him something he wouldn’t expect from you. For example, if you are a manicure and Gucci bag girl, pick him up a drill from Home Depot. The efficacy of the reciprocation technique is almost infallible.

2. Break out your sad face.

Puppy dog eyes and a sad expression always melts a man’s heart. Stick out a quivering lower lip and bat your watery eyes, and before you know it your man’s credit card will be whipped out to cheer you up. Stare at him with wide eyes and pout. This technique rarely ever fails. Either the man’s heart softens or he feels so guilty that he will do whatever it takes to make you stop. Of note, puppy dog eyes do not work on men with little sisters, since they have probably fallen prey to sad faces growing up.

3. Whine!

Whining works. Believe it or not, playfully acting like a two year old can be effective. Try to gently whine about how you want that special something, and keep it up for a reasonable period of time if they blow you off. Make sure to mention that your request will “make me so happy” or “that it will make me look so cute.” It will likely get annoying to him pretty quickly, and your man will buy you whatever you desire just to make you hush up. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

4. Leverage your physical and personal assets to your advantage.

You’ll be able to get any guy to open his wallet by using a tried and true method: flirting. Gentle flirting in the form of smiling and small talk works wonders on guys. For example, when you see a guy at the local bar, smile and go talk to him. Turn your flirt on by telling him he is funny, and really listen to what he has to say. Before you know it he will buy you a drink. It’s instinctive. Guys can’t resist girls that make the first move, even if the woman has no intention of following through in his pursuit. Men are programmed to react when a woman shows them some attention. Casual flirting is the best way to get low dollar items easily out of almost any guy, even if you barely know them. You don’t need to be the most beautiful woman in the world to get it to work, either. You’ll be impressed at how much you can accomplish simply through eye contact and smiling.

5. Leave hints around for him.

Guys like to get credit for playing detective, so leave them hints on what you like. Try to “forget” to close down a website featuring the perfume or shirt you want. Try to dog-ear or circle magazine photos of the same. Most guys will jump at the chance to play Sherlock. Men are hard wired to act if they “discover” something. Even though this is a technique that takes a little time, it is remarkably effective. Make sure you praise him for “discovering” what you want.

6. Just ask.

You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish just by asking. Men don’t like to say “no.” By saying “no,” a man implies that he is incapable of pleasing you. Take advantage of this fact, and just try asking for what you want. Men are hard wired to be “providers.” It’s another play on the alpha-male phenomenon. You’d be surprised at how often you will get what you want just by asking. Be careful, though. You’ll only be able to get this technique to work a few times before you’ll appear needy. More on that later on.

7. Make him food.

The power of a good, well-planned, homemade meal is immense. The old adage, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, exists for good reason. Feed your man well, and it will make him much more willing to buy you something. The trick is that while he’s eating his hearty meal, you’ll have to point out what you want. Be subtle about it. For example, try to say something along the lines of, “I saw this cute dress on the internet, after you’re done eating lets go to the mall so I can try it on.” Don’t forget to use your puppy dog eyes. His still-full stomach will make him remember that you were his provider, and he’ll be more likely to buy you what you want.

8. Make him feel like he would like it too.

Point out the positives that the prospective purchase will have for him. For example, point out that the sweater you want makes your chest stand out better. If it’s a vacation you want, be sure to remind him about how much fun he would have on the trip. Show him what’s in it for him. If he knows that he gets something out of the “deal” he’ll be more likely to pull the trigger for you.

9. Linger in a store.

Men do not like shopping. It’s a fact. It’s easy to use this fact to your benefit. When you are in a store, walk around and look at everything. Take your time. Try things on and make him sit outside the dressing room to get his opinion on your selections. While going through these motions, make sure you keep going back to items that you want. Eventually, as time ticks by, he’ll want closure to the shopping experience, and he will ask if you found everything you want so he can leave. This may take a while, and in the end you will probably be rushed out of the store. But odds are he’ll have bought you what you wanted just so he can go home.

10. Show you are interested in the item.

Know everything about the object of your desire. For example, if you want the latest iPad, know all its features and how it’s improved from the previous version. Know why it would improve your lifestyle and let him know that. Be educated on the item, from front to back. If it’s for the kitchen let him know what it does and how it can help out with your daily tasks. If he knows it’s something you would take time to learn about, he will see it is important and be more inclined to feel like it is needed.

11. Don’t overdo it.

Be reasonable with your wants and desires. If you repeatedly ask for things that would bust his budget, you’ll not only frustrate yourself but also you man. That means the fifty thousand dollar tennis bracelet from Tiffany’s might be out of the question no matter how many rabbits you try to pull out of your hat. It’s counterproductive if you keep bringing up things that are unaffordable. Set realistic expectations and you’ll be much more likely to meet success.

12. Everything is relative!

A great way to get what you want is by employing the relative value technique. It is tremendously effective. It works like this. First, point out something that is rather expensive that you’d like, but don’t really want. Pick an item that’s borderline unaffordable. Take a look at this hypothetical situation.

“Honey, look at this Louis Vuitton purse! It’s so nice.”

Your man will be quick to point out that it’s very expensive and say something like, “There’s no way I’d pay nine hundred dollars for a handbag. Keep dreaming, sweetie.”

Then as you move on shopping, bring up the more reasonably priced item that you really wanted the whole time. Since it’s relatively cheaper than your last unreasonably expensive request, he’ll be much more inclined to buy it for you.

“What about this Coach bag? This one’s less than a quarter of the price of the Louis Vuitton one and it’s on sale.”

“That’s more realistic, sweetie. Go ahead and grab it.”

It’s a powerful technique.

13. Be straightforward.

Guys sometimes have a hard time figuring out what their woman wants, despite your best efforts at dropping hints. If he isn’t able to read your mind, just come out and tell him exactly what you want. Especially around the holidays or your birthday, simply coming out and letting him know what sorts things that you like can be very helpful.

14. Stay happy and be patient no matter what.

If he doesn’t get you everything that you want, don’t throw a fit. Let him know you understand and that you still love him. When the time comes, he will remember and whip out his charge card. When you wait for him to buy you that special something, he might surprise you with it, which makes the gift that much more special.

Good luck, and enjoy your gifts. With a little patience and persistence, the use of these techniques will reap dividends in the long run.